Juan Martin Del Potro bad Time in Lift Yesterday

Juan Martin Del Potro had to remain in a lift for more than half an hour yesterday when the Argentinean was on his way to his opening contest in the Olympics Tennis tournament.

The lift stopped operating because the electricity supply went off. Del Potro had a cell phone with him, but, it was showing no network and so, he was not able to convey to anyone that he was in that situation and had to wait helplessly before the electricity was back on and the lift could get him down. It’s his manager who revealed it on social media.

The Olympians of many countries have been troubled by the arrangements in the Brazilian capital. The Aussies slammed the arrangements the minute they had arrived and they were very reluctant about residing in the apartment they were allotted as they were concerned about the condition of the bathrooms and also, about several of the live electricity wires not being covered. In fact, they didn’t enter the apartment the first couple of days and resided outside. Read more »

Maria Sharapova did not look that perplexed after being beaten by Lucie Safarova

Maria Sharapova did not look that perplexed after being beaten by Lucie Safarova of Czech Republic at Roland Garros yesterday.

She dismissed it as “just an off day”.

Sharapova was probably not in the prime of her health during the match, but, still, to lose in straight sets was a pretty bad result for her.

Sharapova, though, was not of the view that her illness was the reason she suffered the defeat.

According to the Russian beauty, in spite of her illness, she was out there to compete and if she lost, she lost only because she could not play as well as she needed to.

Speaking to the media persons post the match, Sharapova said, “Lucie’s game on the day was much better than mine. She was very innovative, created the chances and won the match.”

“Using illness as an excuse is not something that I like to do. When you are out on the court, you are a competitor and you look to win regardless of whatever your condition is.”

“I am hoping my health improves quickly and I get a bit of time to get myself prepared before the Wimbledon starts.”

The Roland Garros could have seen another huge upset yesterday as the American youngster Sloane Stephens had managed to go on the verge of defeating her compatriot and world no. 1 Serena Williams. Read more »

Andy Murray confident on his Preperation for Melbourne Park

Andy Murray reckons his preparation for Melbourne Park is much better this year than what it was the previous year.

In 2014, Murray was just recovered from a back operation and his body was perhaps not in the best shape for Australian Open. He had played in the tournament though, but, was clearly rusty and could not get past Round of 8.

It was Roger Federer who had got him knocked out of the competition back then.

But, this year, it’s been different with Murray. Having ended the last season on a high, he is confident and jubilant. There are no fitness issues either with him. He played fine tennis in United Arab Emirates a few weeks ago. So, he is up for it and one can imagine him to be able to make at least to the semis. Read more »

Andy Murray couldnt forget Match against Reoger

Andy Murray would still not have forgotten that night of the previous season when Roger Federer simply demolished him in his own backyard during tour finals.

All Murray could do there was to win one game in two sets. It was a big embarrassment for the Scot.

He would have dearly liked to meet Federer in the Australian Open and avenge that, but, it would not happen now as the Swiss legend lost to Andreas Seppi yesterday.

Federer must have felt the same after this loss as Murray felt back there in London, that feeling of embarrassment.

Murray knows what kind of feeling that is and how much pain it gives to a sportsperson. Read more »

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova – Most talking point

Normally the young people feel that if you are in romantic relationship with someone and you are quite well settled professionally, you should get married to your partner, otherwise, the relationship starts getting soured as the insecurities come in and a lot of other things happen as well.

It’s a good theory. Obviously, if you love someone, you would want to spend your life with that person, but, there is a celebrity couple which has shown that a relationship can be carried on successfully without marriage as well.

Yes, your guess is right. It’s the pair of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova which is being talked about.

It’s one of the coolest pairs in the world and the amazing thing about this pair is that it has often stayed away from controversies.

Thirteen years have gone by since these two had got committed to each other. It’s a very long time for the two celebrities to stay together.

And, it’s not that Enrique happens to be with Anna all the time. He has to travel overseas a lot with his work, still, the things are alright and the relationship is going strong.

Enrique credits Anna for making sure that the relationship between the two goes smoothly.

The singer reckons he could not have got a better girl friend than the Russian beauty queen.

And, the pair still is in no hurry to take the relationship to another level i.e. to become husband and wife.

They seem to be very happy the way they are right now.

According to Enrique, what’s important is the amount of love that is there in the relationship. It does not matter that much if the two are married or not.

Enrique is 39 years of age at the moment, while, Anna is 33.