Greg Rusedski – A Passionate Tennis Player

Greg Rusedski was born in Canada on 6 September 1973 to a British mother and a German born father. In 1980s he was a tennis star in Canada. He later began playing for Britain. He retired after a commendable professional career in the year 2007.

His first singles title was at the Hall of Fame Championships, Newport, Rhode Island. In 1995, he decided to adopt British citizenship which angered Canada. He was also accused of having used all the country’s resources and never returning the gratitude, though he later paid Tennis Canada, a huge amount of money to keep the scores settled. Days before the Wimbledon tournament, the International Tennis Federation allowed him to play for Britain. He, from then on became a British player. Unfortunately, he lost in the second round of the tournament.

In 1997, he reached the final of US open but sadly lost, finishing ranked World no.4. In the year 1998, Tim Henman stepped on Rusedski to claim the title of Britain’s best tennis player. In 1999, Greg won the Grand Slam cup.  He and Henman became one of the biggest rivals which, according to the rumours, forced the British to like this sport even more. They both had almost the same level of success in their professional life but Henman enjoyed more limelight than him. He has sparked controversies, for example, in US open year 2002, he played Pete Sampras in the second round and called him “half step slow” and in the 2003 Wimbledon tournament while playing Andy Roddick, he swore at the umpire. The year 2005 didn’t bring him much luck but he played some of the greatest players like Andre Agassi. In the year 2006, Henman and Rusedski collided head on head in the US open final, they put on an epic fight but sadly this time he was outdone by Henman. In the year 2007 he finally retired. Injuries in his last few seasons created a setback in his career life. As it can be noted, Greg had a controversial career too. Some even commented that he does not possess the qualities of a good sportsman and lacks grace.

He certainly was a good tennis player but also worked in other completely different areas. He has owned a space in British tabloid newspaper, The Sun and also has done analysis of 2003, 2007 Australian Open and 2007 French Open for the British television channel, Eurosport. He also was the commentator for BBC during the 2007 Wimbledon. He has appeared in a few reality shows and has also acted as a tennis player in one of the television serials. He is not only a tennis enthusiast but also a big supporter of Arsenal Football team. He is married to Lucy Connor and has two kids.

Greg Rusedski made his own story; he never seemed to have copied anyone. His “devil -may -care“ attitude has won him admirers and enemies. He had an impressive career life and also post retirement, his life has remained interesting.