Greg Rusedski swears at umpire against Roddick at Wimbledon

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  • By AussieFkinPride, December 8, 2011 @ 2:20 am

    About as English as their cricket team for fuck sake, “English” sport is a bloody joke. Canadian Boxers, South African & Irish Cricketers, Canadian Tennis Players, South Hemisphere Rugby Players.

  • By TheVinne90, December 8, 2011 @ 2:39 am

    and roddick was just like…ooooh i wanna be like him! ^^

  • By newworldharbour, December 8, 2011 @ 3:34 am

    Rusedski is a loser… class!!

  • By TheScriabin, December 8, 2011 @ 3:36 am

    Poor Greg, he never won the affection Tim Henman did because he simply wasn’t ‘British enough’ for us. I think if people had accepted him for who he was he would have had a better career at Wimbledon. We’re all such bloody xenophobic snobs, and I include myself in that statement.

  • By TheNutta45, December 8, 2011 @ 4:22 am

    Can’t believe this was 8 years ago.

  • By cain2335, December 8, 2011 @ 4:38 am

    @stig781 you misunderstood what i was saying. when i said “regular english”, i mean the way he normally spoke for his entire life (a north american canadian accent) until he started to speak with a british accent because he was trying to be “english” (even though he’s canadian). he would drop words like “petrol” for gas and other words he’d never normally say…and i’m perfectly aware that regular english is spoken by the English lol

  • By stig781, December 8, 2011 @ 5:19 am

    @cain2335 The english from england IS “regular english”. You can’t honestly think english spoken by north americans is ‘correct’ and english spoken by…THE english isn’t? How ignorant.

  • By molly0000000s, December 8, 2011 @ 6:19 am

    @straydoggio Basically, this donut is has equally disasterous luck on and off the court. That makes me very happy.

  • By straydoggio, December 8, 2011 @ 6:24 am

    @amazinglazedonut I bet Rusedski is having similar temper fits over a bad call with the £750,000 investment he made in Thailand property. Hasn’t been built so he’s now taking legal action over, wanting his money back. (19th June 2011 Daily Mail story) Google search: British tennis giants Rusedski and Lloyd at war over £9m Thai property deal

  • By Roberto77pacheco, December 8, 2011 @ 7:09 am

    i dont know how this guy can be commentating tennis for eurosport!!! he is rubbish!

  • By yxyana, December 8, 2011 @ 7:41 am

    Rusedski stole Roddick’s part.

  • By Kaynas1988, December 8, 2011 @ 8:26 am

    It’s like John McEnroe all over again

  • By MaratSafinVideos, December 8, 2011 @ 8:45 am

    @gabe228 Yes, cause Canada has had many more players better than Rusedski ah…

  • By amazinglazedonut, December 8, 2011 @ 9:35 am

    When I first heard Greg Rusedski (as a commentator for the 2010 US Open finals on Sky Sports), the first thing I thought was “man this guy sounds like the biggest douche.” The way he pronounces Djokovic as “Jock-of-itch” with his nasty, non-British accent just sickened me to the core. Watching the clip makes me feel much less guilty for judging and hating on someone so badly.

  • By gabe228, December 8, 2011 @ 10:22 am

    he’s an asshole, we canada’s glad he went brit. He left the court wide open, can’t blame shit on that lost point

  • By rjnrf, December 8, 2011 @ 10:59 am

    good Canadian boy 😛

  • By cain2335, December 8, 2011 @ 11:51 am

    @rachatlu he used to try and speak with one. his mom was from britian and, instead of being a regular canadian, started to speak with an accent in the late 90’s to early 00’s. whenever he would win, he would speak in a british accent. whenever he would lose, he would speak regular english. it was quite hilarious to listen too; he would call gas “petrol” and other funny words

  • By rachatlu, December 8, 2011 @ 12:43 pm

    @cain2335 he never speaks with british accent !

  • By BestivalFan, December 8, 2011 @ 12:43 pm

    Did he take a steroid tablet at the end?

  • By andymxxxx, December 8, 2011 @ 1:11 pm

    This was great, I’ve been looking for it for ages. I remember seeing this as it happened, and then later on the highlights show on BBC2, John Inverdale introduced this point saying “I must warn you there is some extremely strong language in the next passage of play” and then John McEnroe said “Its not from me though..!!” LOL – Classic wimbledon moment!

  • By cain2335, December 8, 2011 @ 1:13 pm

    hmmm i wonder where his “british” accent went…

  • By TheColeman1981, December 8, 2011 @ 2:03 pm

    classic i remember actually watching this as it happened……. my eyes were streaming with laughter! i sooo wish this video continued cos greg still rants a bit more, then john macenroe gives his opinion on “the costly little exchange!” sooooo funny.

  • By poxeyspun, December 8, 2011 @ 2:09 pm

    @ribenaripple it was the point before the one shown here. the crowd called one of Rodicks balls out so Greg thought it was a linesman who call ed it so he turned his back and walked away at which point Roddick went to the umpire and said someone in the crowd called it out so the umpire gave the point to roddick because Greg could not have returned the ball. So that gave Roddick break point. Understandably Greg was fuming it was unbeliveable he didnt replay the point let alone give it Rodick.

  • By ribenaripple, December 8, 2011 @ 3:00 pm

    when did the person in the crowd shout?

  • By 00001locdogg, December 8, 2011 @ 3:16 pm

    who’s the crybaby fag?..

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