Andy Murray confident on his Preperation for Melbourne Park

Andy Murray reckons his preparation for Melbourne Park is much better this year than what it was the previous year.

In 2014, Murray was just recovered from a back operation and his body was perhaps not in the best shape for Australian Open. He had played in the tournament though, but, was clearly rusty and could not get past Round of 8.

It was Roger Federer who had got him knocked out of the competition back then.

But, this year, it’s been different with Murray. Having ended the last season on a high, he is confident and jubilant. There are no fitness issues either with him. He played fine tennis in United Arab Emirates a few weeks ago. So, he is up for it and one can imagine him to be able to make at least to the semis.

With Rafael Nadal not playing the best tennis of his life at this point in time and Roger Federer starting to age, the only real threat for Murray is Novak Djokovic.

Yesterday, when asked how his preparations are going on for the big tournament, Murray said, “It’s been brilliant, certainly better than the way it was last season. I was not fully prepared in 2014 to be honest.”

“I had actually not had any major operation before that and thus, I had no idea how I  would be after the recovery and how my body would respond while facing the top guys in 5-set matches. I don’t think I did badly though, but, still, on mental front, I wasn’t quite there. However, right now, I am feeling pretty good fitness wise as well as mentally.”

The Australian Open would get started in about 10 days’ time from today. The first match would be played on 19th.