Glasgow And Loughborough New British Events Andy Murray Could Make His Injury Return

Andy Murray makes his return in one of two Indoor events of Britain later in the spring after his hip surgery. After his operation Murray hopes to return either in grass court season or slightly before.

Scot, 30 in unlikely to want his return on physically demanding clay as the grass court season proceeds or elsewhere his options are limited. But two new indoor events Glasgow and Loughborough have been announced by LTA (Lawn Tennis Association). Both the tours will be staged on ATP Challenge tour and below ATP World tour the prize fund is $100,000. The first tour will take place in Glasgow in Scotstoun Tennis Centre from 28 April and 6 May and the second will take place at for Loughborough University’s Tennis Centre from 19 may to 27 may.
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Andy Murray discusses how to be Great Player

According to Andy Murray, for a tennis player to come through the ranks and build a successful career at the topmost level, a huge amount of effort goes into it and it applies to all the players irrespective of the gender.

It’s not that if somebody is a female, she will have an easier route to success. She also has to spend plenty of time practicing and training to keep her fitness intact and to be in proper shape to win games, she also has to go long distances to take part in tournaments and has to remain away from her family all that while, she also has to deal with the pressure of expectations. So basically a female player also goes the same route as a male player and has to do the same things which a male player does to achieve great heights in the game. Then why do people see players of different genders in different lights? Read more »

Mischa Zverev on Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic Injury

Mischa Zverev believes the reason why two of the iconic figures of the modern day male Tennis Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have had to deal with injuries of late is because of the huge amount of time that they have spent on the court in their careers.

Zverev is also of the same age group as Murray and Djokovic, but he hasn’t had as many fitness problems in the recent times as those two and he reckons that’s because he hasn’t featured in as many matches as those two.

As per Zverev, Murray and Djokovic started coming through the ranks from a very small age and made their place amongst the top players in the world very early and since then they have managed to remain amongst the top which means they have made it to the last rounds of most of the competitions that they have featured in. So the number of matches that they have played over a period of time has been incredibly high. Read more »


Since becoming the World No. 1 Andy Murray is yet to lift a major title. With him being the No. 1 seed, expectations would be higher.

Since 2008, Murray has not lost before the last eight in back to back quarter finals so he has to get his act together in Paris for the tournament in the last week in May. After crashing out early in Australia – in the fourth round to MischaZverev – he would need a good turn out this time around.

Novak Djokovic has left everything in doubts with his recent tennis. As the defending champion and as someone who did a career Grand Slam last year, he needs to prove a point. His world No. 2 status is also at stake with him posting loss after loss this year. Unlike Murray, in over a decade he has not lost in back to back quarter finals at majors. After his slump against Denis Istomin in the Australian Open and his recent one at Monte Carlo, Djokovic desperately needs to save face. Read more »


Former tennis professional Andrew Castle has warned that tennis might potentially be the subsequent sport to be hit by using claims of historical abuse. Castle revealed this on his radio show, the LBC radio show.

Castle warned there was an unwelcome culture in the sport that existed. He was quoted to have said that this may still be there and may need to be properly looked into and investigated.

He said that they used to talk in changing rooms with each other about it and you would say and there would know glances that somebody was a bit wrong. He said that it was just what people lived with; it was the culture of the time. There’s no way he could name names now. There’s no way that even back then he could have pointed the finger and laid allegations that this one person wasn’t right Read more »


In recent events, popular British tennis player Andy Murray defeated his American opponent John Isner to secure his top spot on the ATP list.

Murray won his first ever Paris master title and is currently celebrating his rise to the sport’s number one position as he secured his victory in a particularly tough showdown against Isner. The match had a score line of 6-3 6-7(4-7) 6-4 bringing the talented player his sixth ATP title in a remarkable 2016.

The 29-year old Scot has added his second Wimbledon and Olympic titles on his journey to the very top of the ranking. Murray has been officially confirmed as the first singles number 1 from Britain ever since the ranking in the sport was computerized back in 1973.

Being a truly well deserved rise to the top, the tennis star’s ascent was confirmed after it became apparent that fellow player Milos Raonic would be unable to participate in the semi final rounds due to a leg injury that resulted in a withdrawal for the tournament. Read more »