Andy Murray discusses how to be Great Player

According to Andy Murray, for a tennis player to come through the ranks and build a successful career at the topmost level, a huge amount of effort goes into it and it applies to all the players irrespective of the gender.

It’s not that if somebody is a female, she will have an easier route to success. She also has to spend plenty of time practicing and training to keep her fitness intact and to be in proper shape to win games, she also has to go long distances to take part in tournaments and has to remain away from her family all that while, she also has to deal with the pressure of expectations. So basically a female player also goes the same route as a male player and has to do the same things which a male player does to achieve great heights in the game. Then why do people see players of different genders in different lights?

Talking about roping in Amelie Mauresmo as the head of his support staff three years back, Murray stresses that the reason why he roped her in was because he believed she had it in her to provide him the best guidance. The fact that she was a female was absolutely irrelevant at the time he gave her the job, but people just didn’t take it normally and there were always a lot of questions about her coaching him just because she was a female and it was sort of an eye opener for him and it made him feel that he should raise his voice in favour of gender impartiality in the game.

Mauresmo though is not associated with Murray anymore as a part of his support staff, but when she had joined, it had made big news.