Mischa Zverev on Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic Injury

Mischa Zverev believes the reason why two of the iconic figures of the modern day male Tennis Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have had to deal with injuries of late is because of the huge amount of time that they have spent on the court in their careers.

Zverev is also of the same age group as Murray and Djokovic, but he hasn’t had as many fitness problems in the recent times as those two and he reckons that’s because he hasn’t featured in as many matches as those two.

As per Zverev, Murray and Djokovic started coming through the ranks from a very small age and made their place amongst the top players in the world very early and since then they have managed to remain amongst the top which means they have made it to the last rounds of most of the competitions that they have featured in. So the number of matches that they have played over a period of time has been incredibly high.

Referring to himself, Zverev says that for somebody like him, the no. of matches hasn’t been that high because he hasn’t rocketed up to the top that quickly and hasn’t managed to go that far in too many competitions.

In Zverev’s view, when there is pressure on the human body, it will take its toll at some point irrespective of how hard one works on his body. One can work as hard as he wants, but, there will be a stage when the pressure and the workload will show up and the body will crumble and that’s what is happening in case of Murray and Djokovic at the moment.

Zverev reckons Murray and Djokovic can probably give themselves a little bit of break and go away from the game for a short period to get rejuvenated just like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal had done when they were having injury issues.