Juan Martin Del Potro bad Time in Lift Yesterday

Juan Martin Del Potro had to remain in a lift for more than half an hour yesterday when the Argentinean was on his way to his opening contest in the Olympics Tennis tournament.

The lift stopped operating because the electricity supply went off. Del Potro had a cell phone with him, but, it was showing no network and so, he was not able to convey to anyone that he was in that situation and had to wait helplessly before the electricity was back on and the lift could get him down. It’s his manager who revealed it on social media.

The Olympians of many countries have been troubled by the arrangements in the Brazilian capital. The Aussies slammed the arrangements the minute they had arrived and they were very reluctant about residing in the apartment they were allotted as they were concerned about the condition of the bathrooms and also, about several of the live electricity wires not being covered. In fact, they didn’t enter the apartment the first couple of days and resided outside.

Eventually, after much conviction, when they settled in the apartment, a fire occurred at the bottommost floor and all the members of the group had to come out with their luggage and amidst the chaos, the laptop which had important details about the players was stolen. However, there was no physical harm done to anyone and it was also confirmed that short circuit was not the cause of the fire. The Aussie group later went back into the apartment.

Apart from the Aussies, the players from China have also expressed displeasure saying that out of all the Olympics they have been to, it’s the poorest arrangement that they have seen for the players. The major issue is the irregular electricity supply.